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Why Doesn’t God Stop Suffering, Evil, & Despair?

Why doesn’t God stop suffering and evil? I have asked myself this question many times not only because of my own personal challenges but also due to witnessing many around me suffering in despair. Within the social work profession, I’ve worked with many people who have been taken advantage of and suffered heart breaking stories. I […]

Answer to Brokenness; Meaning of Life

There is an answer to brokenness. There is meaning in life. Leo Tolstoy honestly recorded his own adult longing to know the meaning of life. Each of us is born with a spiritual compass and longing to seek truth, to acquire this knowledge in a personal way, and it is available.  Tolstoy raises the questions […]

Spiritual Speed Bumps

None of us are exempt from challenges. That doesn’t mean joy isn’t available to us. It also doesn’t mean grief isn’t real. Both happen in life, but we can ultimately and always be given “beauty for ashes.” Perspective and a sure confident awareness and knowledge–beyond a guess, wish, or mere intellectual conviction– of God’s presence […]